Spell (and Grammar) Check Blog Posts

November 20th, 2009

Just received a kind comment from Tyson (thank you Tyson) on my blog post about gmail. I clicked on the link from the email and read the blog post again. Not sure if I had written it at a late night or what, I found quite a few typos and grammar errors in the post … it’s a little embarrassing.

From the recent WordCamp 2009, I learned about a plugin “After the Deadline” (http://afterthedeadline.com/) and have installed it. This plugin is for spell, style and grammar check. It can be used for WordPress and other applications.

So I just opened my post, and clicked on the spell check icon on the tool bar. Guess what? It caught ALL spelling errors (including a misuse of then instead of than) and a few grammar errors. I didn’t agree to the style suggestions it offered but I did re-wrote a couple of other sentences. Overall I think this plugin did a nice job.

2 Responses to “Spell (and Grammar) Check Blog Posts”

  1. david martin says:

    well it had some mistaked there and it wasnt so perfect but i have found a nice plugin that works better, and in a matter of a fact i think its the same one in a newer verison…

  2. LsokVQ Hello, YA serche drocher!!!
    p.s. serchedrocher!

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