DotNetNuke .. what is it good for

February 12th, 2007

DotNetNuke is suitable for a small, local community with defined
  feature needs like, for example, a reading club:

    * The site can be created within a few minutes
    * The site can be customized with an uploaded logo
    * The admin can add pages to the site
    * The admin can easily add an event calendar
    * The color of the headers, fonts, and background can be changed
    * The site offers high-end access control, so the admin can control,
      down to the page level, what public sees, what admin sees, and
      what registered/logged-in user sees

  But without spending a good deal of time, it’s difficult to:

    * Add or modify even a small feature that was not already there
    * Re-skin the page to look exactly like a PhotoShop design provided
      by a designer

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