More on Salesforce vs. Appshore

December 26th, 2006

Continuation to my post on Nov 27th about Salesforcs vs. Appshore .. during my one month trial period with both applications:


  • sent me account activation email
  • sent me several emails asking for feedback
  • account manager called and left a message, asking me to call and talk about my experience with sales force, offer to help
  • account manager followed up her call w/email, asking me to call or email back. I emailed back saying that I would contact her if I needs to.
  • 1 week before the end of my 1-month free trial, I received an email about participating a 90-min usability testing for $50 amazon gift certificate
  • 2 days before the end of my free trial, received email about subscribe to the service (pay) or convert to free lifetime personal account


  • account activation email is the only email they send out proactively
  • good support by phone, when you call them

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