Salesforce vs. Appshore

November 27th, 2006

Seeing business cards filling shoeboxes and me spending more time searching for a phone number of a contact … .I decided it’s time for a serious CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application.

Once again, BCM for Outlook crashed my poor WIN XP, so I uninstalled it totally. ACT! is tedious to integrate with Outlook and also only locally sits on my computer. I narrowed down my options to Salesforce and Appshore.

Signed up for trial accounts with both and used them for a number of days … here is what I experienced.

Overall, salesforce is a BETTER app than appshore:

  • user interface is more polished (while appshore looks more home-grown)
  • more features and more flexible

But more features means more complex user interface.

Appshore is a simpler app, and has bugs here and there. They didn’t do their homework too well. However, user Interface is simpler than salesforce, and more intuitive in some cases.

I didn’t use salesforce that much yet. So the fact that I didn’t encounter any bugs might not mean it’s bug free but just from the polished look, I tend to think it has less bugs than appshore.

For now, I would probably stay with appshore simply because it cost much less and the features are sufficient for me.

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